Lise Melhorn-Boe
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Working with books as an art medium over the past forty years has been stimulating and exciting. Drawn to women’s experiences, both in the political and personal spheres, Lise plays with humour and a light-hearted visual aesthetic to explore more serious feminist and environmental issues.
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Lise had been making books for 40 years, as of 2019! Visit the ARCHIVE page for images and descriptions of work no longer available for sale. You can also discover in which public collections these books can be found.
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Lise teaches workshops for different styles of books. She offers opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to express their creativity in a space both imaginative and judgement-free. Visit the CLASSES page for descriptions of workshops of varying lengths, styles and difficulty. Visit the NEW page to find a class in your area.
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The LIST page has images and descriptions of Transformer Press books available for sale. They are divided into six categories: Family, Environment, Gender, Fairy Tales, Sewing Poems and Miscellaneous.
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On this page are essays written by curators and art writers to accompany exhibitions or for online blogs. See also the LINKS page.
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On another note, contact Lise if you would like new curtains, cushions, or a slipcover, or if you have a chair needing upholstering.
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