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Fairytale Bookworks No Longer Available

See Dr. Tara Hyland Russell's essay: Fairy Tales and Family Fables on the Essays page.

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Two life-sized dresses (one raggedy house dress, and one shiny party dress) have text rubber-stamped on the bodices—Peggy Patterson's story about her reluctance to share the Cinderella story with her young daughter, because she didn't want her to get the idea that only a prince could “save” her.
1997, North Bay. 2 pages. (Life-sized) Unique. Collection: University of Calgary.

A quilted brocade “Dress-up Box” holds prince and princess clothes. Marilyn Zimmerman’s story is rubber- stamped on the five text pages, which are made of handmade paper. The “illustrations” are quilted satins and damask dresses and doublets, along with leather boots and shoes. Thanks to Brenda Belanger for the brocade and to Kim Boaro for introducing me to TIMTEX.
2004, North Bay. Title page plus 11 others and assorted boots and shoes. (Box: 8 x 11″ and 5″ high) Edition of 4. Collection: University of Calgary, Ella Strong Denison Library Special Collections, Scripps College, and University of California, Irvine.
Once Upon a Time
Flip the pages of Once Upon a Time to create your own fairy tale—at each intersection you'll have seven choices. After studying the structure of traditional fairy tales, the artist has substituted contemporary characters and situations. The text is hand-printed in a playful mélange of colours and fabrics, and the pages are quilted.
2006, North Bay. 48 pages. (approx. 6 x 6″ when closed) Edition of 8. $1200

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