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History Repeats Itself
Sarah relates a couple of stories about being embarrassed by her parents and then realizes that she and her husband aren’t perfect either. History Repeats Itself is a magic wallet book, photocopied on Ecosource Prof-21 55lb. hemp-flax-cotton Cover, with pink handmade paper inserts.
2003, North Bay. 8 pages. (5 1/2 x 3″) Edition of 100. $30

Kindly Allow Me
Funny stories reveal the importance of the bathroom to members of the artist's family. This star-caroussel book is illustrated with silhouettes of relevant bathrooms as well as family photos colour-copied onto Domtar Plainfield Offset. The text is black and white photo-copied on Strathmore Bright White Squares cover-stock.
2001, North Bay. 5 spreads. (7 X 4 3/4″) Edition of 10. $125

Light and Flaky: Portrait of the Artist’s Mother: A Cookbook
An hilarious account of Pauline Melhorn’s adventures in the kitchen, from first attempts through learning the cooking of another culture, after marriage, this pamphlet includes recipes. It was letter-press printed on Rising Parchment using a Vandercook proof press. The handmade paper covers were made from tea towels, aprons, tablecloths and dish cloths.
1982, Detroit. 32 pages. (8 3/4 x 6 1/2″) Edition of 190. $40
Penelope’s Apron
This is a poignant story of thwarted creativity and conforming to parental expectations of how a good little girl should behave. It’s made of sickly yellow handmade flax-linen paper with red rubber-stamped text and flowers augmenting the four simple pop-up aprons.
1994, North Bay. 4 spreads. (7 x 5″) Edition of 60. $85

This stainless steel dogfood dish holds red acetate pages printed with Norma Homer's funny story about eating Jello, and a lesson learned about proper eating etiquette. The layers of acetate are suspended, which adds to the richness of the colour: it really does look like Jello. For exhibitions, this has been displayed on the floor, just where a dog dish would be.
2004, North Bay. 6 text pages. (8 1/2″ diameter and 2″ high) Open edition. $50
The Tale of the Teabags
This is a funny tale about the philosophy of the cost of teabags relative to the price of cold beer and hard work according to the father of the writer, Lori Gilbert. The handmade paper pages are rubber-stamped with photo-transfer teabags on a “clothesline,” and are shaped at the top to represent elements of the story.
2001, North Bay. 10 pages. (8 x 5 3/4″) Edition of 12. $250

Three Sisters
The drawings are by the artist's two sisters, Margaret Melhorn and Marie Cooper, and the artist herself. Lise did her drawing for some "Inner child" workshop. She put it away when she came home, but some years later, after learning how to make a tri-hexaflexagon, she thought of three sisters, three drawings. She asked her sisters to each make a drawing, without saying why. The tri-hexaflexagon was made of Arches cotton print paper with colour photocopies on Tree-free Eco-21 paper.
1999, North Bay. 3 faces. (10 x 8 1/2″) Edition of 10. $80

Too Shy!
This tiny accordion with one pop-up tells the artist's story of almost drowning when a child. It was photocopied in black and white and colour on Canson Mi-Teintes acid-free paper.
2004, North Bay. 3 spreads. (4 x 2 1/2″) Edition of 30. $30

TV Blues
A collaged tunnel book tells Robyn Mooney’s sad little story of a sleep-over with relatives. Canson Mi-Teintes acid-free paper with photo-copied acetate and vellum.
2004, North Bay. 5 pages. (7 x 9 x 3/4″) Edition of 30. $50

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