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Textus-Texts-Textiles: Bookworks by Lise Melhorn-Boe
Curated by Brendan Edwards and Ella Heiss, this exhibition, which showcased Lise's Sewing Poems books, alongside a selection of related items from the library's own collection, is still available online. To view the online exhibition, copy and paste this link:

You will find short videos of each book, plus two of Lise explaining the Thermofax printing process.

The exhibition catalogue to accompany the exhibition is available from Blurb. Copy and paste this link:

See ESSAYS page for the curatorial essay.


2019: Fortieth Anniversary of Book #1
Books #1 and #2 grew out of a mistake. I was working on a felted triptych and one panel felted too much, so didn't match the other two. However, it had some nice passages, so I cut little rectangles and had them stacked on my desk in my studio. After looking at them for some time, I realized that if I joined them together, they could be a book. I figured out a way to do this with metal rings and embroidery thread, and voila! Book # 1, and then #2. I went on to design felted pages on purpose, one of which I sent off to an artist's book exhibition in Montreal. I had never heard of artist's books before, but figured if I made it and I was an artist, it must be an artist's book. And now forty plus years later, I am still happily making artist's books.

Visit my YouTube channel to see a video about Con·nec·tion: Forty Years of Artist's Books, an exhibition that was on view at the Window Art Gallery in Kingston, in June of 2020. The exhibition was curated by Rebecca Korn.

The catalogue is still available from me, or on Blurb.newCopy and paste this link:


Scissors is the latest in a series of sewn books using poems about sewing as text. So far, there are four books with text by Lorna Crozier (see Button, Zipper, Needle and Ironing Board on the LIST-sewing page,) four with poems by Hazel Hall (see Counterpanes, Heavy Threads, Mending, and Two Sewing,) one with a poem by Terry Ann Carter (see Zipper: A Suite,) one by Alexandra Cussons (see Sewing Pattern,) one by Diane Dawber (see Grandmother,) one by Bronwen Wallace (see Like the Petit Point) and one by Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson (see I Sit and Sew.)

Lorna Crozier's poem does not directly refer to sewing or needlework, but I have included it because scissors are, of course, an indispensable tool used with textiles. And I love the way the poem talks about aging and death in such a beautiful way—issues that I am thinking of more these days than I have in the past. This is a pop-up book made of felt, Yupo and fabric stiffening.

2022, Kingston. (13 x 9.5 x 2.25″ when closed ) Edition of 12. $800

Like the Petit Point
Like the Petit Point, with a poem by Bronwen Wallace as text, incorporates knitting, screen-printing, applique, and petit point. I had never done petit point before, nor will I again! Fortunately the poem is about women's friendships and unfinished projects, so I didn't have to stitch the entire background.

Bronwen Wallace lived in Kingston, Ontario. She wrote several books of poetry, now available in The Collected Poems of Bronwen Wallace, edited by Carolyn Smart, a collection of short stories, and one of essays. She was a social activist, working in the areas of women's rights, civil rights and violence against women and children. She was only 45 when she died in 1989.

2022, Kingston. (14 x 8.5 x 1.25″ when closed ) Edition of 10. $800

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